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Guiding Principles

Key Performance Hospitality Management is a Hotel Management Company that was developed specifically to provide a return on investment to the owner of the properties it manages by operating with a core set of principles that puts the guests, the associates and the community as the main drivers. The strategic direction of the hotels we manage is based on making long term decisions that can guide the property through all different economic periods.

In order to do this, our business is guided by these five principles:


  • Honest and Ethical– We will always have integrity and transparency in how we operate. The decisions made will be the right choice that is best for the operation of each hotel managed. Ethics and integrity will not be jeopardized.
  • Entrepreneurial– We are passionate about our hotels and will operate them as if they were owned by us. We know how to do this because we own properties. Our small team and vast business experience enables us to bring new innovations to the market and implement them quickly.
  • Performance– We strive to beat the competition and drive results. These results though will not sacrifice the product quality, service or team loyalty in order to produce a better short term bottom line. The main focus will always be on revenue enhancements balanced with cost efficiencies so that the hotels will always stay focused on the long term strategic direction.
  • Respect– All of our investors, guests, associates, vendors and clients are treated with respect. We are in business to develop long lasting professional relationships that are mutually beneficial.
  • Community– The hotel is part of the community and we will be an active part of helping our community through volunteering.